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    Mumbai to host organic food certification meet


    Leading Indian and global organisations and institutions in the food supply chain are converging at the Taj President in Mumbai on September 11, 2009 to discuss the growing importance of food certification in India convened by India.

    The three-day convention will look at the opportunities and challenges facing organic food certification in India in view of the growing concerns among consumers about health-threatening and – in some cases life-threatening — residual elements in food.

    “The consumer would soon exhibit increasing preference for certified food material,” says , managing director, ECOCERT India, an affiliate of the eponymous French global certification MNC.

    “The Indian consumer, especially the discerning mother, is catching up with the global food certification standards. It is time for all of us in the food supply chain take the required steps so that we are in a position to meet their just demands. In this regard, organic food certification is assuming increasing importance,” Daniel adds further.

    Among the topics which would be covered at the convention are organic and fair trade food production, processing and handling standards, biodynamic foods and demeter certification, organic food management systems standards as well as certification as per (JAS). The convention will also discuss India’s NPOP standards and organic AGMARK standards.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau