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Chicago based ShopperTrak, the world’s foremost provider of shopper traffic counting information, technology and decision support software for businesses in the retail, gaming, hospitality and entertainment industries in partnership with SwarajComm Technologies Pvt Ltd., will now provide shoppers traffic counting technology (or foot-counting technology) and analysis tool for retailers.

The products, which include Orbit, Retail Traffic Analyzer, National Retail Traffic Index, could count the number of customers flow in and out of a store and record their movements and behaviors in an outlet or a supermarket. The solution assists the retailer to gauge labour efficiencies, advertising and marketing efforts, store design and remodeling programs, merchandise changes, etc.

Sunil Gupta, director, SwarajComm Technologies Pvt. Ltd says, “With the partnership with Shoppertrack we are looking at pan India market. ShopperTrak products help to analyse the opportunities and factors that will make the Indian retail industry a success.”

The ‘ShopperTrak’ solutions can be conveniently installed at the top of entrance of any shop or retail outlet. The device is designed to count each and every person visiting particular supermarket/ hypermarket. It can be useful to know and gauge staff performances as well. This will easily give the idea of customer satisfaction levels and shopping experiences. The device has claimed to have 95 percent accuracy, according to the company.

“The device also keep tab of time period that a consumer has spent inside the shop,” informs Mahesh Pavagada, product manager, SwarajComm Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

— By Gaurav Kumar

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