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    For mobile workforce, Airtel has MATE


    India’s largest telecom operator Ltd. has set up its network and infrastructure that helps to provide seamless, secure and on demand access to enterprise business data from anywhere, anytime.

    The application called Mobile Application Tool for Enterprise (MATE) is an integrated Telecom and IT offering which is meant for real-time information, portability, mobility and improved efficiency will drive enterprises to integrate software, hardware with mobile devices providing a virtual interface for enterprises to host customised business solutions and improve their operational efficiencies.

    Airtel MATE further enables organisations to extend data intelligence to field operations. It allows only authorised users to access business data through mobile devices. It even enables access and exchange of data while on the move, thereby enabling faster decision-making, faster response, minimum paper work, zero transit time and higher customer satisfaction.

    “MATE helps in secured transfer of data to authentic users on field. We have IBM with us as our hardware partner,” says , head, Global Voice Business, Bharti Airtel Limited.

    Though the front end tools for various verticals are standardised but one can make changes depending upon the requirements. “We can say, largely the front end applications or tools for each vertical are similar having standard format,” he adds.

    The MATE platform promises to be a greater proposition for various industries that depend on their field force, such as the modern retail, media network and services sectors like media houses, hotels, airlines, hospitals, etc., in manufacturing and distribution of FMCG, pharmaceutical, automobile and several other manufacturing industries and in sectors of Banking, (BFSI).

    Depending on the requirement the company could provide MATE platform to help organisations in their operations and ultimately provide better customer service.

    –Gaurav Kumar