Home Retail Karigar comes to High Street Phoenix, Mumbai

    Karigar comes to High Street Phoenix, Mumbai


    , a Fair Trade store opened its doors at (), in Mumbai. The retail arm of , an accredited member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), Karigar the store, displays product range consists of apparel & accessories, home furnishings, home décor & artifacts, jewellery, office accessories with prices ranging from Rs 9 to Rs 1999, whereas prices on one off products are priced upto Rs 20,000.

    Asha Handicrafts is a not-for-profit making body, based in Mumbai, working to promote Fair Trade practices which ensures that the benefits of handicrafts production reach the artisans directly.

    , CEO, Asha Handicrafts, said, “Partnering with a diversified, contemporary and culturally inclined centre such as High Street Phoenix who is committed to successful retail marketing has given us an opportunity to showcase the range of artifacts, handicrafts and treasures of India at a single store.”

    Speaking on the occasion, , centre director, High Street Phoenix, said, “At High Street Phoenix, we are pleased to have them set up their store here, giving an additional opportunity to all our shoppers a chance to patronize art and culture in a unique manner.”

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau