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Spencer’s Retail launches first gourmet SIS


Spencer’s Retail, one of India’s major multi format retailers, has launched its first speciality gourmet shop-in-shop in its flagship store in South City Mall, Kolkata. The 72,000 square feet flagship store now has dedicated a 1,500 square feet area for exotic gourmet foods starting from a price point as low as Rs 11.

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The retailer opened six stores in the October-December quarter and planned to open one before end of this current fiscal

This is also a first-of-its-kind store in Kolkata to offer a wide assortment of gourmet biscuits, breads, fruit juices, cheese, cold cuts, baby cereals, tea, coffee, chocolates, pastas and essential ingredients of cuisines from Thailand, China, Indonesia, America, Chile, Argentina, Italy, France, Spain, Sri Lanka and UK, to name a few. The store also has a live kitchen area to promote exotic gourmet food recipes by professionals and a ‘deli’ counter offering different types of chilled and frozen ham, salamis and bacon, among other specialities.

Speaking on the occasion of its inauguration, Vice Chairman, RPG Enterprises, Sanjiv Goenka, said, “In India there is a propensity for good food. It may not be a volume market but would be a niche market, which is expected to grow with time. This store would cater to a target audience that has a penchant for experimental food.” He further added that the SIS is expected to churn out revenue of Rs 1,500 per square feet.

Explaing the concept behind launching the first gourmet store in Kolkata, he said, “The store is aimed to become the sourcing point for individuals, counsellors and hotels. There are almost 2,500 SKUs in the store. This has required a huge amount of investment in terms of planning the look and feel of the store and selecting its merchandise.”

Following the launch of its first gourmet food unit in Kolkata, Spencer’s plans to launch six more gourmet SIS units in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai by the current fiscal. The company is looking at an investment of Rs 3 crores for the six shop-in-shops across India.