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    Intelligent mobile marketing solution for social ‘influencers’


    , solution provider of mobile analytics, mobile advertising, mobile applications and web applications, introduces ‘’, focused on increased behavioral targeted marketing that helps increase value added services consumption by 5 per cent to 10 per cent.

    How can the ‘vPowerBroker’ solution work for you?

    The solution first identifies a ‘Queen Bee (i.e. social influencers) in a network of telecom operator. These Queen Bees are considered as most popular people that they receive many calls or they make many calls. They are also considered to be well connected to the important people in the network. This makes them highly influential. A Value Added Service provider or a telecom operator can use the product to do intelligent marketing to promote adoption of a product or a service. The promoted product spreads virally due to the Queen Bee’s. This helps reduce spam thereby targeting the correct person.

    The product is currently being tested with a leading telecom operator in India.

    “Our product will help deliver the right ad to the right person. It focuses on identifying key behavioral trends in user behavior to deliver results.” Said , Founder and CEO, Vigyaapan Technologies.

    vPowerBroker can be used to market a digital product or a non digital product. Non Digital products can be a book or a magazine while a digital product can be a ringtone, wallpaper etc. The technology can be used by FMCG, Lifestyle retail and other advertisers with a specific target audience in mind.

    –IndiaRetailing Bureau