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    Ninapharm launches antioxidant kit


    , launches ®, a medicated health & beauty solution, for women suffering from dry air, high UV exposure and bad blood circulation specifically for air hostesses. It is a duo of products which comprises a facial serum – ® Serum Intelligent and an antioxidant food supplement ® Beaute Bio-Active. The product is a successful collaboration of researchers’ team from Japan and France that ensures to bring profound hydration and protection to the skin after its use.

    The innovation kit focuses on improving blood circulation at the cellular level and delivering a high dosage of antioxidants issued from a specific variety of watermelon – Actisod®.

    On the launch Mizuho Nasu, Ninapharm R&D center, Japan comments, “It is a combination of potent antioxidants with a patented ceramides complex allowing visible results in few weeks. We are excited to bring this formula to help air crews who suffer from dry air, high UV exposure and bad blood circulation.” Actiage® is now available on the French market, and will soon be available on the other international markets. Ninapharm’s was created in 1993 in France, by a team of experts.

    –IndiaRetailing Bureau