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    McDonald’s focuses on drive-in restaurants


    Fast food chain McDonald’s is leveraging its new concept of drive-in restaurants to increase footfalls, while its happy-price menu has helped it grow during financially difficult times.

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    Of the 40 new restaurants the chain will have this year, a considerable number will be drive-in ones, which provide the customer the convenience of being served at his vehicle.
    “Innovation in formats and menu has resulted in consistent growth in the country. Our expansion plans focus on the convenience of the customer with the primary aim of serving them what they want and where they want it,” said , director (south), McDonald’s India.

    McDonald’s has seen 10 to 12 per cent more footfalls in drive-in restaurants. Of the 160 outlets it has, 20 per cent are drive-ins; the others are standalone outlets and those within food courts. “Our outlets have a total of around 12 million footfalls a month,” Paliath said.

    According to Paliath, the happy-price menu of Rs 20 a meal had helped the company attain a 30 per cent same-store growth rate last financial year.

    Source: Financial Chronicle