Home Retail “We don’t want to play discount game”

    “We don’t want to play discount game”


    With an annual growth rate of 35 per cent in home décor market, the concept of home-beautification stores is fast emerging in India. Entry of new domestic and international branded retail products in baths, tiles and kitchens in the country is now frequent. Among them is London, UK’s leading home textile retail chain, acquired by Gujarat Heavy Chemicals in 2006. In an interview with IndiaRetailing, , director, London, discusses how the home décor store goes beyond architectural catalogues to design the homes and provides options that express an individual’s tastes and lifestyle. Excerpts.

    IndiaRetailing: What does the name Rosebys London signify?
    Nikhil Sen: The concept Rosebys London is meant for subliminal women. We believe women desires to be a perfectionist when it comes to her make-up, apparel and home. Rosebys London is a fashion lifestyle brand which comes with an aim to create a standard in segment and meet the demands across the Indian environment.

    IR: Your USP?
    NS: We are thematic store. We design our own thoughts and we deliver through single branded outlet. All products in Rosebys London store is made under its own private label. The irony of India retail is discount. But we don’t want to play discount game. Rosebys London is about creating higher taste level.

    IR: What do you estimate to be the total size of this market in India?
    NS: In India, there is tremendous market opportunity as the number of Indian households are expected to grow from 13 million to 61 million by 2012. However with just 2,000 stores in the country in the organised home furnishing segment, the market is largely unexplored. Rosebys London expects to take advantage of the phase with a partnership model.

    IR: Unlike others, you have launched your brand mostly in a smaller cities…
    NS: Rosebys London aims to create an ever lasting impression. It is not a big deal to open a showroom in Delhi or Mumbai, but we plan to go state-wise and de-factor standards. We want the consumer to perceive that all the Rosebys London stores across India are same and there has been no compromise made in creating the environment of the store. We don’t believe in come, see, look, buy and leave, as that is confuse messaging. We are here to create a warm and friendly environment for the homemakers.

    IR: Among the 3 P’s of marketing – price, product, promotion…what do you consider the most important?
    NS: For Rosebys London, product is the most important element, as at the end of the day, if your product is not good you can’t put a price to it. Further, you can’t promote it as well.

    IR: What are your future plans?
    NS: The response for our stores has been extremely overwhelming. We are planing to open 700 stores over the next three years in metros and tier-II and tier-III cities.

    IR: How long before we see a Roseby’s store in Delhi/Mumbai?
    NS: Metro launches would be entirely different which will be catered according to city. We plan to open more than one store in Delhi next year.