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    Titan to set up ‘exclusive sales counters’ for Sonata


    In a bid to expand its retail network, wrist watch brand ‘’, Ltd is setting up ‘exclusive sales counters’ at both and non- outlets.

    While the traditional outlets are the ones that retail in watches, the non-traditional outlets include places such as textile showrooms, luggage showrooms and various other retail stores.

    Titan is piloting this concept of exclusive sales counters at non-traditional outlets. “For the first time in the country, we are setting up such counters with 50–100 watches in display in various stores in Chennai,” says , national sales head, Sonata, Titan Industries.

    A few months ago, it set up such counters at a couple of textile retailers including Pothy’s, which proved to be “quite successful, and we sold 30 watches (out of 60 watches displayed) in a month”, he said.

    If this exercise proves worthwhile, this will be replicated across the country, says , business head, Sonata.

    Source: The Hindu Business Line