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    Food industry ads in print media register 39 pc decline


    The growing food processing industry is dependent to a large extent on advertising for its success. And advertising to the right target audience in case of food industry, ie women and children, is what most brands manufacturers and marketers have been concentrating on.

    This trend is borne out by a recent study carried out by AdEx, India, a monitoring agency, who released their report recently. The report is based on a study of all print advertising during the period January to October 2008 compared to the corresponding period last year and is based on the total no. of col. cms.

    Though the overall share of print advertising by food brands has seen a drastic drop, (39 per cent compared to the same period last year), the number of brands being launched or refurbished is as strong as ever. ‘Knorr Indian Soups’, ‘Sveetee Cury Collection’, ‘Saras Butter Chicken Gravy’ were the top three new brands of instant foods/meals advertised in print during January to October 2008.

    Moreover, the popularity of women oriented magazines among the print media section commands a whopping 70 per cent of all food advertising in the print media.

    Magazines manage to corner 62 per cent of all food advertising compared to 38 per cent in newspapers. Out of this, advertising in metro newspapers was the highest, followed by non metro and mini metro newspapers.

    The processed foods being advertised most heavily include instant food mixes, followed by ready-to-eat, noodles/pasta and frozen foods; understandably so, as in India, the emphasis on freshly cooked food and fresh ingredients still holds sway over most Indian women’s minds.

    Some of the most heavily advertised brands included Hindustan Unilever, Nestle India, Century Laminating, Sara Spices and Venkateshwara Hatcheries.