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    Barista completes brand integration with Lavazza


    has finally completed its brand integration process with . All the elements at the stores in terms of merchandising, signage, crockery, packaging and the signature walls have been integrated to reflect the values, imagery and romance of Brand .

    Now, all Barista and Barista Crème outlets across India will be known as Barista Lavazza and Barista Crème Lavazza respectively.

    Barista Coffee Company was bought over by Lavazza in April 2007. Since then, the Barista brand has adapted itself to several nuances of the Lavazza brand identity in various stages.

    Barista Lavazza is now in the process of enhancing customer experience by focusing on multiple touch-points like the design of the store, the level of its service and the quality of its products. The brand regularly refreshes its store look and feel along with the menu to keep up with the constantly changing consumer needs and trends. Barista Lavazza outlets also offer Wi-Fi connectivity to the internet.

    Lavazza is the sixth largest coffee roaster in the world. It has a 46.5 per cent share in the Italian retail market and operates in over 80 countries.

    Barista was established in February 2000 by Barista Coffee Company Limited, to recreate the ambience and experience of the typical Italian neighborhood Espresso Bars in India.

    At present, the Barista Coffee Company has over 230 Barista Lavazza Espresso Bars and Barista Crème Lavazza in over 30 locations in India. Besides India, Barista Lavazza also has cafes in locations across Srilanka, Bangladesh, Oman and the UAE.

    Source: Business Standard