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    Go green with Sahakari Bhandar


    It seems the ‘’ title attracting the retailers! As part of company’s (CSR) and go green initiative, now , Mumbai-based co-operative neighborhood retail store, has launched cloth bags and partnered with an NGO called RUR (Are You Recycling) to promote the use of cloth bags.

    The company is also offering discounts to the customers on the repeat visits with the bags. “Every time a customer returns to the store with the cloth bag; he earns himself green points which are redeemable as discounts on his next purchase,” the company quoted.

    The initiative will be promoted across 18 stores of Sahakari Bhandar located in Mumbai and the unique promotion in the first phase will be at stores located at Matunga, Juhu, Bandra, Chembur and Colaba.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau