Home Retail Future Group to relocate small format stores as shop-in-shops

    Future Group to relocate small format stores as shop-in-shops


    Orgainsed retailer on Monday said it is undertaking an internal consolidation which may see some of the stand-alone stores moving into large format showrooms as shop-in-shops.

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    -promoted group may also bring its partners LeeCooper and Replay’s, with whom it has tie ups, to big format stores.

    “Our consolidation programme is on. We have already started relocating some of our small format standalone stores inside our large format outlets as shop-in-shops,” a company official said.

    The official, however, did not give the details about the number of stores being relocated, but said not all standalone stores would be closed.

    “Only a few of them would be relocated, specially those who have been small contributors to our overall business,” the official said, adding, some outlets of its international partners like Replay and LeeCooper are part of the process.

    “We have ample space for them. We will move some of the standalone stores of these brands into our large format stores like and ,” the person said.
    When contacted, Future Group CEO Kishore Biyani said relocation of the international brands’ outlets would not affect the company.

    Source: Live Mint