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    Future Group partners with Greenplum for analytics


    In an attempt to enhance retail operation across all formats of its stores, -led has partnered with California-based retail warehousing and analytics company for its ‘enterprise data cloud’, according to release issued by .

    Future Enterprises Q1 profit at Rs315.48 crore
    Figures are not comparable with the previous year/quarter” due to demerger of the retail business into Bharti Retail

    Speaking about the development, Ushir Bhatt, CEO, Future Knowledge Services, said, “Flexibility and agility are the core requirements in our IT infrastructure. Greenplum database is a centerpiece of our to use a cloud-like approach to our data warehouse.”

    Elaborating the prospect of the company with this move, Parakh Dave, head – technology services, Future Knowledge Services, said, “Greenplum brings Future Group the speed and scalability of a massively parallel data warehouse in a very cost-effective manner. As we increase the amount of data under management, we will be able to make smarter decisions about customers, products, pricing and promotions across all of our retail outlets. We are setting a new standard for retail analytics by enabling our decision makers to run Future Group as a data-driven enterprise.”

    The company claims that the fundamental breakthrough of Greenplum Database is its ability to store and analyze terabytes to petabytes of data using clusters of commodity servers. Future Group, which is looking forward for innovative approaches to retail business needs, has deployed Greenplum database at the core of its customer loyalty program, the release added.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau