Home Retail DSCL to add 200 Hariyali Kisaan Bazaars in next 3 yrs

    DSCL to add 200 Hariyali Kisaan Bazaars in next 3 yrs


    Consolidated Ltd (DSCL) plans to take the total count of outlets to 500 in the next three years. Speaking in an exclusive interview, chairman and senior managing director, DSCL, informed about the business plans for , the agri-retail business arm of DSCL, “We will be consolidating this year and bring efficiencies in operations and hence enable a faster growth. In the next three years we are looking at taking the number of Hariyali stores to 500 and hence, we will be adding 200 more of Hariyali centres/stores.”

    At present DSCL has a total number of 302 stores in eight states viz–U.P, Rajasthan, Punjab, Harayana, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, MP and A.P, and DSCL intends to expand mainly in these states.

    On the performance of the Hariyali Bazaar stores, Shriram stated, “Hariyali Bazaar is in a phase of consolidation this year and has been performing as per our plan. We have added 140 stores this year and the total number of Hariyali is 302 today spread across eight states. Hariyali Bazaar is the largest rural retail chain in India. With each center reaching out to 20,000 farming families, the Hariyali model is proving to be an example of commercially sustainable business venture which triggers inclusive growth.”

    “We are very happy with the efforts put in by Hariyali and how it has affected the productivity & in the end the profitability of the farmers. Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar has an edge due to its agri service profile with trained agronomists at the stores helping the farmers. Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar rural retail is a first of its kind initiative with a focus on Agri products and merchandise mix spreading across garments, footwear, home appliances etc. It has been leveraging the relationships through “all under one roof” retailing and direct sourcing of quality farm produce,” Shriram said.

    — Bhavya Misra