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    Mall that doesn’t possess a sense of ownership is bound to falter: MD, Spa Group


    The second session at the (ISCF) 2009 on ‘What retailers are looking for from shopping centres’ put forth the wish list of retailers. Participating in the discussion, the retailers reiterated the need to awaken the spirit of partnership between retailers and developers to make India a shopping destination. Speaking on the session, ,CEO, Pantaloons said, “The balance of power constantly shifts between a developer and a retailer. It is imperative to understand each others’ needs so that cumulatively we can understand customer’s need to the hilt.”

    On similar note, , MD and CEO, observed, “The relationship between a retailer and a developer needs to look at their long term business proposition rather than a short term sustainability. Customer orientation, therefore, should be the priority.”

    Amar Agarwal, MD, Spa Group, however made cautious statement for the mall developers and appropriately said, “Any mall which doesn’t possess a sense of ownership is bound to falter. Retailers must seek and partner with developers who have a sense of ownership and should avoid partnering with developers who have divested their stake as they lose interest in understating the retailer’s requirements. A change in attitude is the key to the success for the retail industry in the current recessionary arena.”

    The panellists reached a consensus that the developers need to understand the requirement of retailers even before they commence developing the mall. The session concluded bringing forth the key aspects which need immediate attention from developers including transparency in Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges, basic hygiene and sanitation within the mall, timely completion and delivery of projects, ensuring tenancy mix, design of mall – entry and exit points and implementing scientific methods in floor planning.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau