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Kolkata: Lush Cosmetics


Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has opened their second store in Kolkata, at the Forum Mall in April. The 130 square foot store carries the signature look of the other outlets with the interior done in a fruity, flowery and green grocery theme. The arrangement for the interiors is done depending on the size of the store.
Products are kept unwrapped on wooden racks so that customers can touch and feel them and stacks of soaps sit one upon another to be cut in front of the customer as per their requirement. Recycled plastic and paper are used for packaging. The UK based brand has been brought to India by Amaltas Retail Pvt Ltd which now has eight outlets across the country. “In the next couple of months we plan to open three more stores in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad,” says Sangeeta H Kamath, Director, Amaltas Retail Pvt Ltd. (Pictured right)
Color combination: White and yellow
Lighting: Bright lights with a focus on the black boards listing prices