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    Grab PC unveils first computer showroom in Chennai


    One of India’s comprehensive online computer store has now ventured into retail with the opening of its first showroom at Perambur Barracks Road in Chennai.

    “The showroom is a result of consistent demand from a set of our customers for a physical space to experience the touch and feel for the computer products especially the laptops and high end computer peripherals” said the customer care head from the company.

    , the Business Development Head in the company said that the company has for long been planning to venture into the retail space after its successful venture into the online space. The retail venture in the form of its first showroom would also help the company boost its sales further and meet the customer demands as afore mentioned.

    The showroom is meant to be a complete IT store selling about everything a customer wants though confined to the computer and peripherals.

    — IndiaRetailing Bureau