Home Retail Sweet World plans 100 stores; to launch online retail

    Sweet World plans 100 stores; to launch online retail


    Sweet World, popular European concept of pick-n-mix candy shop that sells products including traditional candies, novelty candies and lollipops across India, plans to open 50 new outlets in the country in order to achieve 100 stores mark by the end of 2009. The company also plans to concentrate more on tier II cities for the proposed expansion and will partner with franchisees. Further, the company will soon launch its online retail site for the customers, informed a top company official.

    Speaking to IndiaRetailing, Khurshid Iqbal, business head — operation, Sweet World, said, “With the proposed 50 outlets to be opened by December 2009, we want to concentrate on A and B grade cities. Till date we have covered major metros as well as some of the A grade cities. We are very aggressive this year in tapping the B grade cities as well as the remaining A grade cities.”

    “We are interested in partnering with more and more franchisees across India. Out of the present 53 outlets, about 27 stores are company owned and the rest are franchise outlets. We will open more franchise outlets this year,” added Iqbal.

    The company currently operates in two formats — kiosks and normal shops. The ideal size for a kiosk is 24 square feet where as for a normal shop, 150 square feet of retail space is required. “A franchise must be having around Rs 2.5 lakh for opening a kiosk and around Rs 4.5 lakh for an outlet. We are not investing any amount for that matter. The franchisee has to manage the complete arrangements,” he further disclosed elaborating the franchise requirements.

    “Unlike Cadbury and Nestle, our products are different in taste and flavour and the customers who want a change are showing keen interest to our products. We are growing at around 35 per cent and are expecting Rs 100 million turnover this year,” concluded Iqbal.