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    More action, less talk in ’09: CEO, FnS


    The year 2008 has seen many lows in terms of the economic slowdown as well as in terms of tragedies such as 26/11. However for the year 2009, CEO has very optimistic thoughts. “I hope to see India shining on every front – an economy that fights the recession and emerges a winner,” shares Jain with IndiaRetailing.

    Launched in 2005, FnS or Forks & Spoons is a company with a vision to change the way cutlery has long been perceived. The company says it has been created to infuse new life into the segment of cutlery. The company claims to be the only company in India specialised in creating art out of uninspired cutlery.

    “A government so strong that it doesn’t need to look beyond its borders for help, a governance so confident that it helps all of us reinstall our faith in the system, a market that welcomes with open arms all players who bring quality at good prices to the table!” expresses Jain, when probed for his vision of India as a country in 2009.

    “In 2009, I expect to see more action and less talk. I hope to witness the rebirth of a safe and secure India – for its citizens and for its guests,” concludes Jain.

    — Shailesh Shah