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    Cellucom launches designer mobile and laptop accessories


    , one of India’s leading retail chains for mobility solutions, has launched its limited edition mobility accessory range at the ‘ 2008’ being held in Mumbai. The range includes laptop skins, laptop sleeves, mobile slip-on cases and mobile jewellery and will be available at select outlets across the country by mid-November, said a company press release.

    , country’s leading fashion designer, is the exclusive designer of the range.

    Speaking on the launch, , MD and CEO, Cellucom Group, said, “Raghavendra is one of the best and the most talented designers in India. Through this association, Cellucom aims to acknowledge the increasing interplay of fashion and technology in the consumer’s life and aims to promote its brand essence of ‘intelligent fashion’ to its customers.”

    The accessory market for mobile phones and laptops in India is valued at 2 per cent of the total Rs 200 million telecom market, at an attachment rate of 10 per cent. Cellucom aims to increase its attachment rate from the current 2 per cent to 10 per cent in the next few years, added the release.