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    Adlabs Films focus on digital cinema


    Adlabs Films Ltd, the entertainment conglomerate of the Anil Ambani led Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG), gung ho on its digital format of film projection, has set for itself a target of 500 screens to be covered by the 2K digital cinema format.

    Speaking to Indiaretailing, Patrick von Sychowski, COO of Adlabs Digital Cinema said, “At present, we have covered 21 screens through which we have offered the 2K digital format, We want to expand it to a network of 500 screens, very soon”. However, the company did not disclose any time frame for this technology expansion.

    Sychowski informed that the technology is being offered not only to Adlabs Cinemas but to other cinemas as well. Adlabs Films Ltd, has crossed the milestone of over 10,000 successful shows in the 2K digital cinema format.

    2K is a standard for digital cinema format, well accepted by Hollywood film makers for screening their movies. Adlabs was the first cinema operator in India to start rolling out digital cinema using Hollywood-standard DCI-grade projectors and servers, when it commenced its digital test bed network in April this year.

    Adlabs Films claims to be the first in the world to distribute films over fiber optic network. Films are encoded at the Adlabs digital cinema mastering facility at Film City in Mumbai and sent over a 200Mbps connection to its Content Distribution and Logistics (CDL) Hub at Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City (DAKC) in Navi Mumbai, from where they are sent further via dedicated 100Mbps OFC (Optic Fibre Cable) to cinemas as far away as Ahmedabad. The company claims that OFC allows for transportation of digital cinema films that is faster, more reliable and more secure than any other form of delivery.

    Adlabs Films is an entertainment conglomerate whose sphere of activity includes production, distribution, processing and exhibition of films and TV content.

    – Raja Ghoshal