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    Global recognition for Ambani brothers


    The two Ambani brothers, Anil and Mukesh, have more reasons to celebrate the week as both of them have attained international repute for their industrial effort at the same time. While -led multiplex retail chain has made it by acquiring certification from the UK-based Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), -led (RIL) bagged a position in Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) 100 most respected companies in the world.
    According to an official press release, Adlabs has become the first company outside UK or Europe to get accreditation in FACT’s 25-year old history. Similarly, RIL is also the first Indian company to get a mention in WSJ’s list, and is currently positioned 83rd.

    Anil Arjun, chief executive officer, Adlabs Films, said, “Security is a serious issue for the film and entertainment business and it is estimated that the annual revenue loss due to piracy in Asia-Pacific region is USD 1.2 billion. We have always given priority to protect against piracy and are happy that our efforts in this direction have been acknowledged by a prestigious industry body.”

    Jackie Lover, accreditation manager, FACT, said, “Having examined its operation in great detail, FACT is pleased to award Adlabs membership of its accreditation scheme.”

    “The fight against piracy and film theft is increasingly an international effort and we welcome the inclusion of more international film businesses such as Adlabs that have demonstrated that they are taking copyright protection seriously,” added Lover.