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    Retailers forum: need of the hour, says RPG


    , one of India’s leading business conglomerates, has called for a retailers’ forum with a motive to end the age old conflict between the traditional and modern retailers and bring retail to a new height.

    Speaking to reporters at an event organised by the Southern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry, , chief executive officer, RPG group, said, “In India, the organised retail segment holds just around five per cent of the USD 230 billion Indian retail industry, whereas in Thailand, the size is double as that of ours.”

    “In the next 30-40 years, it is expected that India’s organised retail segment will grow up to around 33 per cent from the current size and we should plan accordingly and enhance our trade in this sector,” added .

    Mohapatra also informed that he has started an NGO called ‘Kirana First’ to boost up the competency of unorganised retailers.