Home Retail Andrew Levermore set to exit HyperCity

    Andrew Levermore set to exit HyperCity


    After putting in four years as CEO of , Andrew is set to leave the . Levermore is reportedly moving back to South Africa to head some other venture after leading HyperCity for four years, says an official release from the company.

    According to the company statement, Levermore, along with his family, will be returning back to South Africa at the end of December 2008 for domestic reasons. However, Levermore will remain on the board of HyperCity as a non-executive director.

    Levermore joined HyperCity in 2004. His retail experience includes those in Edgars, a South African retail chain, UK’s House of Fraser and Makro, South Africa. During his tenure at K Raheja, HyperCity, though only one-store strong, grew to become one of India’s most exciting retail destinations, and has been widely lauded for its planogramming and retail design aesthetics.