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    Bata’s shares rise as it announces expansion plans


    Shares of Bata India rose by five per cent today after the company had announced its plans to invest around Rs 480 crore for opening around 250 new stores across the country over three years.

    Bata reports a healthy 27 per cent growth in net profit in Q4
    Net Profit for the quarter ended March 31,2017 of Rs 35.9 crore has increased by 27 per cent over the corresponding period last year

    Speaking to media at the 75th annual general meeting here, PM Sinha, chairman, Bata India said that the company has targeted the institutional business for raising sales by manufacturing specialised footwear for defence, hospitality, airlines, and mining. The company was also looking for space at malls and other key locations.

    Earlier, in an exclusive revelation to Indiaretailing, Manoj Chandra, vice president of marketing and customer service at Bata had informed that the company has planned to open around 200 outlets and will primarily focus on cities where it has no presence.