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    Indians see cotton as the fibre best suited for fashion


    Global Lifestyle Monitor (GLM) 2008, a study released by Cotton Council International (CCI), revealed a consistent preference for cotton among Indian consumers but a low awareness of denim as being made out of cotton. The study highlighted trends in shopping, fashion, quality, fibres, and denim and stretch fabrics in India.

    “GLM 2008 has brought forth interesting trends and insights around Indian consumers’ preference in shopping and clothes purchases. Based on the findings, we would like to create more awareness among Indian consumers about denim being made from cotton,” said Agnieszka Fijol, senior manager, South Asia, CCI.

    The fifth Global Lifestyle Monitor, conducted by Synovate, surveyed 523 consumers aged 15-54 years across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai. The survey is performed every two years and strives to better understand the purchasing habits and the clothing interests and attitudes of consumers in ten countries across Europe, South America and Asia.

    Key Findings
    – Indians’ affinity for clothes shopping is highest among ten surveyed nations (91%).
    – Cotton is seen by 68% of Indian consumers as the fibre best suited for today’s fashion.
    – About one-third of respondents (35%) said they were aware of and had bought clothing made of organic cotton.
    – Usage of small, independent clothing stores significantly decreased (80% in 2006 to 69% in 2008), while usage of department stores increased (42% in 2006 to 50% in 2008).
    – Pricing (65%) and ease of shopping (62%) are among top two attributes for Indian shoppers.
    – Frequency of clothes shopping has witnessed an increase with 26% of respondents shopping for clothes at least once a month.
    – Average spending on clothes increased from USD 47 in 2006 to USD 58 in 2008.
    – Family (62%), friends (57%) and television (54%) emerged as the top three sources of inspiration for clothing.