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    Apparel retailer C&A to buy Indian organic cotton


    C&A, one of the largest retail chains in Europe, has decided to source organic cotton from India.

    In a statement to media, Anuradha Bhavnani, India head of Shell Foundation, which is instrumental in sourcing global customers for Indian organic cotton, said, “C&A will source 7,500 tonnes of organic cotton from India this year for manufacturing clothes.”

    Andreas G Seitz, member of the C&A executive board, in a statement, said, “For many years, C&A Europe has been purchasing products from India. In the coming years, we plan to strengthen our existing commitment to organically produced cotton in India.”

    The company plans to manufacture about 12.5 million items of clothing including jeans and t-shirts from Indian organic cotton.

    C&A currently operates around 1,172 stores across 16 European countries.