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    ‘Made in India’ marketing in the Middle East


    India’s textile and clothing manufacturers have launched an aggressive ‘Made in India’ marketing push in the Middle East as they battle the impact of the weak US dollar and appreciating rupee on exports.

    Led by India’s (AEPC), India will probably have its largest-ever participation at 2008, the Middle East’s largest garments, textiles, leather and fashion accessories exhibition, which opens at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre today.

    AEPC chairman , in a press release, said that the council is undertaking aggressive marketing of the Indian apparel industry, which was coming to terms with the strength of the rupee and preparing for the challenge. AEPC is sponsored by the Indian ministry of textiles and monitors garment export quotas and promotion of readymade garments.

    According to the Motexha 2008 release, garment exports from India are expected to reach US$14.5 billion by 2010. India’s exports are being hit by appreciation of the rupee against the dollar and the increasing competition from China. The effects of a weakening dollar are having less impact, however, on neighbouring Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, which are emerging as strong competitors to India in the international textile and garment market.

    “India and Bangladesh are powerhouses in the garment and textile trade, and it is significant that both countries are participating at Motexha on such a grand scale, as they compete for a greater share of the Middle East market,” said Jim Meltz, show director for Motexha.

    Motexha continues to drive the Middle East textiles industry, which is estimated to be worth over US$12 billion. More than 250 exhibitors from over 27 countries will be participating at Motexha 2008, a 12 per cent increase over 2007 with womenswear and fashion accessories dominating the industry mix.