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    Technopak conclave: Shopping is also an entertainment


    Words, thoughts, findings, along with ideas and opportunities for betterment of economics of businesses, are being discussed at the ongoing three-day, 9th edition of the Marketing & Retail Conclave, organised by in New Delhi.

    The first day saw six consecutive sessions and workshops on various topics. The session on ‘Understanding and Implementing Consumer Behaviour in the Retail Environment’ was delivered by , associate director, Technopak. Narendra said that shopping, more than anything else, is an entertainment for consumers. She stressed the fact that in today’s retail environment, where the consumer is very aware, efforts should be made to enhance this entertainment experience.

    Narendra presented an interesting research on consumers’ behaviour while shopping, wherein she showed clips of consumers changing and trying apparel at shops that have no trial rooms, and some shops where mirrors have been placed in such a way that they distract consumer from concentrating on what exactly he is looking to buy. Citing such real-life instances, she tried highlighting the problem of not having loyal customers.

    Other sessions at the event focused on challenges and success factors of start-ups in the retail industry, the HR challenges and principal sourcing areas in India, where the industry experts presented not only their views, but also the various possible solutions.

    , CE, ; Ashutosh Chakradeo, head (F&G), India; and Soumitra Ghatak, CEO, , were among some of the keynote speakers at the event.