Home Retail Authorised retail outlets from Coir Board on the anvil

    Authorised retail outlets from Coir Board on the anvil


    To make coir and coir products easily accessible to the Indian consumer, Coir Board has launched a scheme to open authorised retail outlets (AROs) in the country.

    “This scheme, which is a part of the domestic market development initiative of the board, will make quality coir products available for sale through the AROs,” AC Jose, chairman, Coir Board, said while introducing the scheme.

    Initially, the board plans to open a few outlets in Kerala and expand across the country in a phased manner.

    According to Jose, apart from promoting export market for coir and coir products from India, the board is also emphasising on development of the domestic market.

    Coir products intended for sale through the AROs will be bought from small-scale producers and distributed to select outlets by the board.

    The initiative is expected to boost domestic market for coir products and enable small-scale producers to get a steady market.