Home Retail Toshiba ties up with ModusLink for supply-chain solutions in Europe

    Toshiba ties up with ModusLink for supply-chain solutions in Europe


    In an effort to manage its growing European supply chain for a variety of storage products, Toshiba Electronics Europe has signed a multi year deal with ModusLink Corporation, a subsidiary of CMGI.

    ModusLink is slated to deliver a wide range of supply chain solutions, including its popular Optimized Configuration Solution.

    This technique, according to ModusLink, takes into account the physical supply chain cost trade offs – materials, conversion, logistics and inventory – and evaluates taxes and lead time to market.

    Ryoichi Shikama, president of Toshiba Electronics Europe, in a statement said: “We chose to partner with ModusLink given its expertise and ability to deliver proven results in managing the supply chain for storage and consumer electronics products from some of the world’s biggest brands.”

    “It is a defining time for Toshiba as we continue to make strides and build market share for our leading products. As customer demand grows, it is essential that we drive the highest levels of efficiency in our supply chain,” Shikama added.

    Joseph C Lawler, chairman, president and chief executive officer of CMGI said: “In today’s competitive, high-tech market, supply chain flexibility and cost effectiveness are critical for ensuring customer retention and driving profitability. We are committed to our role in helping Toshiba drive increased productivity throughout its supply chain”.