Home Retail LeagueOne is official retail marketing partner for Focus 2007

    LeagueOne is official retail marketing partner for Focus 2007


    ASSOCHAM has appointed LeagueOne as the official retail marketing partner for Focus 2007, a global summit on entertainment and media, scheduled for December 19-20, 2007.

    “We as a retail marketing partner give a special advantage to the participants at the event. We are not only promoting the event through over 1,000 screens across various retail destinations, but are also helping to promote products and services provided by the participants through our online network. We shall also guide brands on tactics of monetising content,” Rajiv Gupta, CEO, LeagueOne, told Indiaretailing.

    “Focus 2007 is the first-of-its-kind event happening in India and that, too, on this big a scale, where celebrities like Shahrukh Khan will share their experiences along with other personalities from Bollywood.” he added.

    Focus 2007 is to highlight regional entertainment in the global context; enhance the reach of regional entertainment network; nurture and augment local talent through entertainment and media education; and, thereby, create a meaningful forum for serious business development and interaction with financial institutions and venture capitalists.

    The president of India, Pratibha Devsingh Patil, will be the chief guest at the event.

    ASSOCHAM, on the second day, will announce the Digital Entertainment Group of India.

    LeagueOne introduced the concept of inter-network of retail. With a focus on creating a direct connect with the consumer through the Bulls Eye Advertising Medium (BEAM), a uniquely positioned visual medium at retail outlets. LeagueOne connects over 1,000 outlets across nine cities and is aiming to reach 5,000 outlets across 34 towns by March next year.

    – Ranjan Kaplish