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    Brand New-U from Dabur


    , a wholly-owned subsidiary of India, Tuesday, unveiled New-U, a beauty, health and wellness brand, offering modern retail experience.

    Dabur net profit down, sales hit by demonetisation
    With the emerging situation, the company adjusted production plans along with reducing inventory, tightening credit controls and revamping supply chains

    “New-U stores will be open to customers by the end of January in Delhi and then expand to other major cities. Six New-U outlets have been scheduled to open by the end of 2007-08 fiscal, in Delhi and the . We will then expand our presence to other markets, adding another 50 stores in 2008-09. For 2009-10, our target is 160 stores nationwide,” , CEO, H&B, told media.

    The outlets will offer comprehensive health and beauty solutions under one roof.

    “It will be positioned as the ultimate retail destination for all health, wellness and beauty requirements. The stores will have an attractive interior design, offering a relaxed and soothing ambience for shoppers,” added Baker.

    Graeme A. Fraser, head, buying, sourcing and merchandising said: “The aim of outlets will be to provide consumers an international quality store environment and product range incorporating a global look and feel. Designed by using the latest trends in global health and beauty industry standards, New-U stores will provide a never-before retailing experience to Indian consumers.”

    “The retail outlets also aim to launch a new product every month, and have promotional campaigns with gifts for consumers. The pricing of products is such that provides value for money,” said Baker.