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    Nestle to introduce mass cafes


    After successfully establishing its probiotic range of frozen dairy products, is gearing up for its coffee business expansion. The company is planning to introduce cafés for masses.

    “The idea is to create a sustainable model that is scalable through these cafes. The difference between the coffee chains and us is affordability,” said , CEO, Nestle India.

    The company will try new products in these cafés and gauge the reaction of consumers to the newer variants of coffee.

    Targeting the mass market of tea drinkers, the company had recently introduced Nescafe Mild.

    With focus on product delivery and ambience, the company will expand through a franchisee model.

    Though the size of the business was not disclosed, Rolland claimed it to be larger than of some players, who have maximum number of outlets in the country.

    – Bengaluru Bureau