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    US retail health clinics get support


    The fast growing retail health clinics in United States of America which has been criticized by several medical groups has found support from the non-profit on Health representing 288 large US employers.

    “In the face of growing controversy surrounding retail health clinics, the Board’s Physicians’ Advisory Group conducted an extensive review of research reports and publications, and ultimately recommended a position supporting retail clinics,” said Helen Darling, President of Group.

    She said that the National Business Group after reviewing the recommendation of its group including their five physician members, concluded that “retail clinics meet an important, unfilled need for services that are easily accessible, open to everyone, lower in cost than emergency rooms, and available during hours that many physicians’ offices are closed.”

    The Business Group’s statement of support to retail clinics comes when some medical groups, including the and the , are raising questions about the quality of care being delivered at retail clinics.

    “We don’t see any reason to exclude retail medical clinics from employer provided health benefits coverage as long as standards are in place and there is appropriate physician back-up and supervision,” said Darling. “Patients, employers and health plans can clearly benefit from the targeted focus, ease of access, convenience and greater affordability of these facilities.”