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    Tangs in a bigger and better format


    Tangs, a name in Malaysia synonymous with retail fashion, is now back as lifestyle store in a bigger and better format.

    Till some years back, Tangs was one of the must-shop stops in Kuala Lumpur for serious shoppers searching for trendy and affordable clothes.

    Then, it closed in 2004, leaving only two of their labels, Tangs Studio and Island Shop intact.

    Fortunately, it was only a temporary move. The lifestyle store is back, and is bigger and better, says its executive chairman, Tang Wee Sung.

    “Tangs exited the Malaysian market three years ago due to strategic decisions we had to make at the time. Starhill opened at the end of 1995, just before the 1997 Asian crisis, which affected all businesses, including the sale of the Starhill property.

    “With our re-entry, we are confident that we have the right mix for our Malaysian customers. Our confidence stems from our intensive market and consumer research, close tracking of the international fashion and lifestyle trends, and 75 years of retail know-how,” says Tang.

    The “new” Tangs will, he adds, combine award-winning retail concepts with innovative marketing plus a mix of exclusive merchandise – both local and overseas labels.

    Malaysian shoppers, observes Tang, have become increasingly sophisticated and have very specific expectations when shopping.

    “Price is not the only consideration but a whole spectrum of factors including brand emotion, affinity, image, identity and personal experiences – such as a customers’ contact with point-of-sale people – and material.

    “Tangs Pavilion offers a holistic, memorable shopping experience,” he asserts.

    Shopping there, he adds, will be no different from that in Tangs’ stores in Singapore, which recently underwent a makeover of sorts to cater to current trends and customer needs. Tangs Pavilion is considered a “generation three” Tangs store.