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    Sachin: Nike cannot use my name


    With cricketer stating that has no right to use his name or image as they have no contractual relationship, the world’s no.1 sportswear brand has suffered a blow in its fight with rival before the .

    “… Nike India has no authority to use his (Sachin’s) name, particulars, image or likeness indicative of his personal endorsement for promotion of Nike’s products,” Ajit Tendulkar said in an affidavit filed on behalf of his brother before the MRTPC.

    He also said that Sachin neither had a contractual relationship with, nor had permitted, Nike India to use his personal attributes and image rights for commercial purposes.

    The cricketer stated that on May 14, 2004, he had entered into an agreement with Adidas for five years, for the exclusive right and license to use his endorsements in relation to manufacture, sale, distribution and promotion of Adidas products.

    In effect, the cricketer has distanced himself from the arrangement that Nike has with the (BCCI).

    Referring to the agreement Sachin has with the BCCI, his brother stated that this was mainly as a player for Team India and that this was strictly non-commercial in nature.