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    Sisley to expand presence in alliance with Trent


    International brands in India are taking no chances to get the right associations and partnerships. Forming an important strategic alliance in the world of fashion are Benetton and Trent Ltd for Sisley’s expansion in the country. The agreement comes only a few months after the launch of Sisley’s first three pilot stores in Delhi.

    Under this agreement, Trent will manage and operate the three existing Sisley stores in Delhi and also open and manage a number of new stores in India’s major cities. Alessandro Benetton, executive deputy chairman of Benetton Group, commented, “Working with such a prestigious partner will allow us to accelerate Sisley’s development and success in India.”

    Sharing his views, Noel Tata, managing director of Trent Ltd, said, “Our existing operations, across three diverse retail formats, have given us key insights into the business and the Indian consumer. The partnership with Benetton gives us the opportunity to tap the burgeoning premium segment of consumers. We believe that Sisley has a high potential for growth and we will leverage our experience to optimise the tremendous opportunity.”