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    Pepsico and ITC — the slugfest begins


    Bingo, the new entrant in the wafer’s market, is posing as a competitor to Kurkure and Frito-Lay. Both Pepsico and ITC are battling out to emerge victorious. In many places around the country, ITC is organising promotional events like games and competition based on Bingo. Recently, it also tied up with the Aerosmith concert that happened in Bangalore.

    PepsiCo launches Pepsi Black in India
    Pepsi Black will be available in cans initially and the company may look at bringing PET bottles in the next 6-8 months

    In reply to the growing awareness that ITC has created about Bingo, Pepsico’s snack food company, Frito-Lay, also announced a major branding initiative for its Kurkure brand. About 35 AC BEST buses in Mumbai, followed by the Metro in Kolkata, will be branded by Kurkure.

    ITC introduced mega-size wafer trolleys outside many of the mom-and-pop stores in the country. It has also tied up with big retailers like Future Group’s Food Bazaar. Despite their various strategies, Kurkure and Frito-Lay still dominate the wafer market in many areas of the country. It is also running a Chai time achievers campaign, where the consumers can send their recipes, out of which 25 winners will be selected.