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    Future Group will give to customers a Fair Price deal


    The next retail format from Future Group is getting fine-tuned and set for a July launch. Christened KB Fair Price, about 10-15 outlets will roll out in the capital city, in its north cluster.

    Future Group to set up C&D lab in Bengaluru
    The team at the lab is composed of technologists, engineers, data scientists, designers and consumer specialists

    Saurabh Chadha, head of Cash and Carry at Future Group, told Indiaretailing: “We settled on north Delhi to launch our pilot stores mainly because we are hoping to reach out to the joint families there. They are the customers we believe will benefit the most from the concept.”

    As the name announces, the basic deal for the customer is “fair price”. The products will be chiefly private labels, enabling control of the pricing equation. Chadha informed that the stores will be approximately 2,000 square feet in size and will stock grocery staple and FMCG products. There will be no “fresh produce” items.

    The next venue will be Mumbai, where KB Fair Price will open about a month after the Delhi launch. Chadha said that a pan-India expansion will have to be preceded by a detailed fine-tuning of the model, based on the lessons accumulated from the pilot rollout.