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    Q1 net profit rise for Nestle India


    Nestle India’s Q1 net profit was up 22.39 per cent at Rs 108.45 crore, as compared to Rs 88.61 crore for same period last year. Its sales in India grew by 27.7 per cent to Rs 870 crore, while total expenditure grew at 26.2 per cent to Rs 684.2 crore. The company has kept its staff costs and other expenditure growth in control, which grew relatively lower at 19 per cent and 15.8 per cent, respectively.

    Former RBI Deputy Governor joins Nestle India
    Mohan was also Secretary in Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance from October 2004 to July 2005

    The company’s focus on nutrition products has added an impetus to the sale of its products. Nestle India sells brands like Maggi, Cerelac and KitKat.