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    Nutritious Beverage – new products by PespiCo India


    PepsiCo India is going to launch nutritious beverage in next three years. To avoid being bitten by the pesticide bug once again, the company has set up a nutrition advisory board, which includes medical and nutrients experts. Pepsi is also going to work with organisations like WHO and UNICEF for this project.

    PepsiCo all set to launch 5 new products in first half of 2017
    PepsiCo will launch new products to address whole grain needs in the Indian diet, fruits and vegetables gaps, and create familiar Indian breakfast recipes healthier with oats

    This new project will be headed by Sanjeev Chadha, PepsiCo India’s CEO, who kicked off the research on nutritious beverage as the head of the company’s innovation department for Asia.

    The company is planning to launch ‘functional water’, which will be flavoured and be mixed with nutrients. Another drink will be ‘healthy whites’, which will include soya-based beverages and flavoured milk. The company is looking at extending its JV with Starbucks to India, once Starbucks enters India. Pepsi has a JV for ready-to-drink coffee with Starbucks in US.