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Tracking down Indian retail on the IT curve

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Information Technology is one of the main support pillars of the entire retail industry. Somehow, though, it has never got the share of importance it deserves in India. Boby Mohan, head – Retail, Ramco Systems Limited, chats with Senior Correspondent Karan Mude about his company and IT in the retail industry in India.

Q. Organised retail is gaining momentum, as we are all aware. How do you see the growth of information technology in the retail industry?

Ans: I am very optimistic about the growth of IT in the retail sector. At present the total money spent on IT is not big, but I firmly believe that IT will become the fulcrum around which the retail industry will grow. For example, RFID has not realized its full potential in India as of now, but things will change in future. The peak of IT in retail industry will happen in the next three to five years.

Q. Since you mentioned RFID, what do you think has been the cause for it being mildly successful in India?

Ans: Globally, RFID has been immensely successful. In India, though, RFID showed a lot of promise initially, but it was a tad costly. The costs will come down gradually, and with the growth of organised retail, RFID will play a major role in times to come.

Q. What role will Ramco play?

Ans: At this point in time, we want to educate players in the Indian retail industry about the right technology. We think it is of utmost importance to first educate people that technology is an integral part of the retail business. We are also looking at the rural retail sector as it has tremendous potential.

Q. What solution does Ramco offer?

Ans: We provide every solution that is required to run a retail business efficiently – be it supply chain needs or a POS solution. Right now, I want to train the Indian retailer about technology implementation in the retail business.

Q. What is the Ramco business platform?

Ans: It is one of the most dynamic business platforms available here. It enables the retailer to take his/her existing software legacy forward. One can pick and choose the kind of solution one wants. The most interesting thing is that the existing software legacy will be upgraded without any maintenance code-change expenses. It becomes your own unique solution and not something that has been piled on you by somebody else.

Q. What is your message to the retail industry in India?

Ans: It is very simple – retailers here have to understand that what they are doing today will change. The IT system in the Indian retail industry will change, and so will a retailer’s preference. The retailer needs to know and recognise the need of the right solution for his/her business, if he wants to succeed.

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