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Costco revealed its trading statistics at annual meeting

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Costco updated its shareholders on different statistics from the past year, during the annual meeting of the company. The retailer averaged 1.3 million transactions each day. Last year, on an average a Costco warehouse made sales of $129 million, whereas 41 Costco clubs posted more than $200 million in sales.

The company sold merchandise like TVs – $1.8 billion; Coach purses – $3 million during the 6-week holiday period; holiday champagne – $30 million; 30 million rotisserie chickens were sold – $150 million in sales; and 20 million pairs of prescription glasses.

It also sold 69 million hot dog-and-soda combos at the price for which it has been selling it since past twenty years. The first car wash was also set up by the company in 2006, in the company’s original store south of downtown Seattle.

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