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    UPS Store Most Competitive US Retailer


    According to the Kanbay Research Institute study — ‘New Dynamics that Create and Build Retailer Competitive Advantage 2007’ — on retailers in the United States, the top 10 retailers generated nearly 15.43 per cent as return on capital invested, while the pricing power of US retailers stood at 6.4 per cent in 2007. According to the study, the Store has emerged as the most competitive retailer in 2007, followed by Dollar Tree in the second position, and Dollar General in the third.

    The UPS Store operates through independently owned locations around the world and provides value-added business services to the small and home office market, corporates and consumers. The other top 10 retailers in the list include , , , Kohl’s, Target, Men’s Wearhouse and . The study is based on the findings over the five-year period from 2001 to 2005.