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    Charges Against ASDA/TESCO/PRIMARK


    The UK based ‘Charity War on Want’ in a report has alleged that workers who are involved in manufacturing merchandise for Tesco, Asda and Primark are being paid as little as USD0.09, an hour.
    The report says that the three retailers have all signed up to a set of compliance norms with the aim of providing decent working conditions and a living wage for workers in their supply chains. However, those norms are being violated.

    A Tesco spokesman, responding to the report said workers at all its Bangladeshi vendors are being paid above the national minimum wage. As per Tesco it’s a must for all their suppliers to meet their compliance standards on worker welfare. ASDA claims that it carried out 13,000 factory audits worldwide to ensure workers weren’t exploited. They want to work closely with the Bangladesh government to ensure that they take ASDA’s compliance norms seriously. Now hearing both the sides, War on Want should name the factories which are failing to meet the labour welfare norms to prove their report right.