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    Office Depots new refurbished site for US


    First time in past two years has refurbished its website, and has relaunched it without much fanfare. The site will enable to carry out new reporting and analytics on its interface. The new design will facilitate Office Depot to highlight promotions, particularly in relation to the company’s exclusive brands.
    Company’s director of e-commerce and , Noah Maffitt, is of the opinion that the design has reduced a lot of clutter and focuses attention down to what is important. The customer feedback has also been encouraging so far. Many of them feel that it is easier to use, more insightful, and gets them to what they want with less diversion along the way. The company is contemplating to introduce this new designed site internationally as well. This according to many in the company may give Office Depot a single online presence across its global operations, something it has not been able to do until now.