Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Kamal Khushlani, Founding Director, Credo Brands Mkt Pvt. Ltd

Kamal Khushlani, Founding Director, Mufti

Kamal Khushlani Founding Director MuftiKamal Khushlani is the Founding Director of the Indian fast fashion brand Mufti.His knowledge about the industry...
Decoding the revolution of casual wear in India

Decoding the revolution of casual wear in India

India’s proclivity towards casual wear has exploded over the last few of years. A slew of experts from the...

India’s proportion of digital buyers set to double by 2020

India's proportion of digital buyers (people who buy online) among the urban fashion shoppers is set to double to...

Mufti: No alternatives to being alternative

Kamal Khushlani, Managing Director, Mufti on his new spring summer collection. his plans on brand expansion and the non-violent...